Petition Visveswaraiah Technological University to use Free Software

95. Sayamindu Dasgupta, Developer and student - Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering (under the West Bengal University of Technology)

96. R.Balasubramanyam - Bangalore University

97. Sanjeev Singh - Asic Verification Manager, Sinett, California. Our entire engineering runs on linux...every CAD tool and simulation. I would definately hire students that have linux experience. This is going to be the trend going forward.

98.Saubhagya -Aerospace Engg(IITKGP):-I dont think there is any powerful open source software to be an alternative of ANSYS,FLUENT etc that we use regularly for Engg Studies,Projects.Considering Matlab in my point of view it is much more powerful than octave.The main point is considering engineering use there is not any powerful open source software.

99. Madhav Kopalle- Lecturer, Goa : Free software is not free in true sense, it is freedom to suit ones needs and not be depedable on others. free software will allow poor and developing countries such as India not to succumb to neo imperialist business atitude. As an MBA myself, sharing information is ideal way for my business to grow. it is the platform to reach out to millions and teach them that instead of using pirated official propritary versions use free official versions meant for ordinary users.

100. Amit Pandurang Karpe - Pune ,India :- In Pune with help of PLUG we at Pune University able to change/update syllabi of BCS and MCS successfully . Though it looks very difficult to update labs and conduct various workshops and seminars for faculties to update and train them , it is not. Now BCS and MCS syllabi are/will based on GNU/Linux System and FLOSS. Still work is not completed, but we got very good results and response by students as well as by faculties. Even many ex-students of this course express thier fealing about this changes should be done well before. Ultimately, we are contributing to Nation's Developemnts.

101. Rahul Chopra, LINUX For You, New Delhi: Thanks to our magazine, we have already come across many cases where open source is being deployed by the academia successfully. Even in our firm, many desktops have shifted from proprietory software to open source, without a hitch. Nutshell--open source is the best way for academia to back initiatives that allow knowledge to be shared and developed.

102. Yatheendra M, SoftJin Infotech, Bangalore (B.E Comp.Sc., VTU, 2002 batch): [THE VIEWS EXPRESSED HERE ARE MY OWN, AND NOT MY EMPLOYER'S] Technical education should not teach ONE solution to a problem (which is what happens when proprietary software is used), but should teach HOW TO SOLVE a problem (which is possible with Free/Libre Software, that allows you to use AND study AND modify the software). I personally have been fortunate to be using FLOSS @ home for the last 5 semesters of my B.E (C.S), and found it an enlightening experience. Please consider using FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software), both as infrastructure in college labs, and also as part of the university curriculum. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

103. Sandeep N, BE(Computer Science), 2002 batch. I completely support this campaign.

104. Sreekiran K R, As a former student of VTU(1AY02CS402). I totally support this petition.

105. Sumit Ranjan Das, as a Free/Libre Open Source software user, I would like to say that eligibility criteria of any IT related jub must not include knowledge with any specific proprietary software, rather knowledge on solving problem with any Free/Libre Open Source software. For making the eligibility criteria of any IT related job, each and every employer should remember this.

106. Toufeeq Hussain, Infosys Technologies Limited,Chennai. Every University should have Free/Open Source based Education.Not only does it avoid bias to a limited scope in technology but it puts the freedom of knowledge back into the hands of the student.

107. Dr Sai Giridhar Kamath, MS, FRCS(Ed). Associate Professor Ophthalmology, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore. I have been using FLOSS software since june 1999. I am really surprised that the Engineering students and Universities are still not completely aware of the benifits of learning and teaching the use of Open source. Even being a Doctor (not an engineer), I am interested and have learnt the importance of adopting such a wonderful thing as FLOSS and its philosophy as compared to the use of proprietary software.

108. Ringo Pebam, Bangalore : For freedom, for knowledge, for sharing, for learning, for superior quality, for growing, for economy, for the future.

109. Yathi Raj B G,DeveloperIQ,Bangalore: Open Source Software(OSS) provides an excellent opportunity to learn since code is available in public domain. Now Linux is getting popular in corporate world. So including OSS in syllabus will help new graduates coming out of VTU.

110. Sushma S (Bangalore, India). This would definitely help the engineering students. I totally support this campaign.

111. Suresh Pakve (College of computer science & information Technology) Free softwares where ur imagination start flying and more u get more u can do by adding the new ideas and showing up creativity, vice versa on the other hand u can surf in limited yard & cant develope ur ideas as their is always a boss biting ur nails to make u press the right digit on da keyboard

112. Varun V Nair Email: varunvnair AT hotmail DOT com Website:

113. Vikas Gorur. Second year student of CS at SJCE, Mysore.

114. Deepak S. Third year student of B.E. (CS), SJCE, Mysore

115. Nayan Kumar K. Third year BE (CS) student, SJCE, Mysore

Email :

116. SOURAV BASU, Belong to 1st Batch of VTU (BTLITM College), Now working as Software Engineer in Motorola, Bangalore.

Email :

117. Nagaraj Nejanthi, San Diego, CA.

118. Deepak S, BTLITM Bangalore, VTU 1st Batch.

119. Shahjahan Siraj, is a multimedia designer and ICT4D practitioner; working with UnnayanNet as it's chief executive. He is doing advocacy to give the ownership of modern information and technology to the majority people especially to the rural poor by solving the digital divide and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh . Through UnnayanNews, he is trying to unit, involve and inspire the development leaders of Bangladesh. Local content creation, open source-open knowledge, capcity building, knowledge management, MDGs and online activism are his working arena..

120. Prahalad Appaji, IBM, Kansas City. A strong case has been made for FLOSS. For a developing country like India money saved is money earned needless to say it's safer to bet on Open source than lining the pockets of MNCs with no guarantee in the long run.

121. Krishnamurthy Kallapur, for all the students in India, where it is not feasible to spend money for software to learn, FLOSS is a boon. 122. ASHISH SAH,B.TECH,CS&E,GEIT,DEHRADUN 122. IT for Change, [ ] a non-profit organisation located in India. We envision a society capable of, and comfortable with, innovative and effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) as a tool, to further goals of progressive social change. We support this campaign!

123. Shivakumar, Engineering graduate from Karnataka, Telecom Engineer by Profession. FLOSS provides the freedom for students to understand how the softwares work. It helps satiate the thirst for knowledge. FLOSS teaches students collaboration and sharing. And ofcourse the total cost of ownership is very low in case of FLOSS resulting in huge savings.

124. Sagar Chandratrey,Software Professional,Hyderabad.FLOSS is needed for a developed India

125. RamPrasad Chaluvadi, Software Proffessional,Hyderabad. FLOSS is very useful and needful.

126. Suresh Titus John, Software Professional, Chennai. It makes great sense to use FLOSS in education - you can make the most of the little you invest in it. Propietory software is very limiting.

127. Sunil Abraham, Director - MAHITI.ORG, Manager - IOSN.NET, Information Sub-Board Member - SOROS.ORG. The use of FOSS increases the profits of service based software companies.

128. Krishna Shastry C. - Software Professional, Karnataka. Students have every right to know more about open sources. Please come out of traditional mindset and give the students taste of open source, which is the future.

129. Rohith Ajjampur - Technical Specialist. Stuttgart, Germany.

130 .Vishal Sharma, [ ]

131. Srini RamaKrishnan, Bangalore, India

132 Rajashekar T Think3 Designs India. Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore India

133. AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and


134. Subhrankar Mukherjee, Affiliate Professor, Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO 80523-1372, USA.; E-mail:
I wish this petition be sent to ALL Universities and colleges in India, and to extend this
concept globally, for the good of every person on earth, except possibly for Mr Bill Gates and his
genre :)

135. Sajith VK, MTech Geomatics, IIT Roorkee

136. Khader Abbeb N, Software Professional, Hyderabad : Free/Libre Open Source Software is arguably the best thing that a engineering studnet can ask for. One can develop or participate in the developement of several softwares world wide. He/she can actually be part of the global team developing softwares for the next generation. Even from a College Management's perspective, FLOSS can be used as a tool to motivate young developers. The things one can learn by practice and application is more valuble than plain theory. Some of us are amazed by the working of several software like Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash to name a few. And some of us are experts in those tools. But there are a few of us who have what it takes and the desire to build such tools. FLOSS is perfect for this group. Do you want to be an expert of a software package or create the package yourself?

137. Vigneswaran R, Software Professional, Hyderabad : Developing a software and giving the source to others to learn shows the broadmindedness of people who created the software. I think, free software concept makes us to think broadly, open minded and improves our humanity also! It is a win-win policy.

138, Bernard Lang, directeur de recherche, INRIA (France). I am a senior researcher in Computer Science. I switched to GNU-Linux and free software 10 years ago, and so did my research group, for the better. Closed software is incompatible with open science and its necessary exchange of ideas. Free software is the basis of a proper higher education in computer science, as well as the only path for dynamic research and innovation. Furthermore, in the long run, it is the only viable economic model, if you consider that an open and competitive market is good for the economy and the public welfare. I am proud to add that my country is one of the most advanced in switching over to free software.

139. Chaitanya K, Software Engineer, Hyderabad : Using Free Software is equivalent to teaching people to respect, value and desire freedom. Educational Institutions should consider this philosphy seriously to ensure that the next generation will be saved of many perils.

140. Tinku Sampath, MCA student, Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala : We showed our commitment to promote Free and Open Source Software through ' Renaissance 2005 ', a national seminar organized by the MCA students of our college on last february 24, 25 and 26 [3]. As many you think, this may be seemed as a little contribution to Free Software Commmunity. But we are very proud to present such a concept, which will enhance the essential qualities that every student should possess to survive in our society, ' share whatever you have and be free from all hazards ', in a simple and elegant way. Thats the Free Software is all about.

141. P Narasimhan, an ex-banker and EDP manager on legacy UNIX systems and currently teaching & promoting Linux ewducation at Linux Learning Centre Bangalore.I am doing my bit to promote GNU/Linux.I can say with confidence that what commercial Unices could not achieve over a few decades a Free Software has done so.As a community FLOSS has created top quality software programs/applications due to the work done by dedicated developers who cherish their freedom rather than any thing else.Let us take this movement forward.

142. Arun Raghavan, ex-VTU student of 2004 batch - ardent supporter and believer of the necissity of having FLOSS as an integral part of the educational curriculum.

143. Prerna Jain, MSc(CA) 2004 batch from Symbiosis Institute Of Computer Studies And Research(SICSR), Pune - Our College is a full supporter of Open Source and Free Software.We organizes an event GNUnify ("a forum to unite open minds"): Symbolizes concept of GNU/Linux, the philosophy behind Free/Open source, unifying and strengthening the Free/Open source movement, sharing and spreading knowledge, with the help of IT.Through GNUnify, we aspire to propagate the concept of Free and Open Source Software. This way SICSR is contributing in its own way to this cause and seeks support from the like-minded professionals from the corporate world.

144. Manish n MIshra. D S C E. Bangalore. i agree and request for the above details given to do a mandatory.

145.Rakesh Muraharishetty (Business Manager for Blue IT Services Former student of VTU [3gn00ec036] )

146. Ramprasad B, Bangalore. B.E Student [1CR00IS038] under VTU, 2000-2004. An FLOSS admirer, campaigner, endorser. We are living in great country, India, which is an developing nation for which citizens of this nation has to encourage the nation to develop in all sense in an optimized (since India is not as rich as other develope(d/ing) nations) resource (Software here) usage, as far as FLOSS is concerned we have to encourage FLOSS community since it fits in all levels (economy, innovation, technology) in/for our nation, which is the one/only way (here computer science sector) to put India top/front from other nations on this planet.

147. Sandesh Kamath K. Final year student of B.E. (CS), SJCE, Mysore

148. I have always wondered why when the whole world is moving towards better things, the so called wise people at the helm make such stupid rules. I am more surprised when such a thing happens in an information hub like Bangalore.... I am really disappointed.... I hope commonsense prevails somehow!!

149. Chandresh Prakash, Bangalore, India

150. Anoop.P.Alias ,Graduate CUSAT,Kochi- Please see that GNU/Linux is a distribution considered highly suitable for education and many organizations support it.A huge number of resources are available on the internet in Open content format

151. T. Muthu Mohan, Bangalore, India. Free/Open Source is the way for India.

152. Gopi Krishna S Garge, Bangalore, India. Please widen the learning horizons, VTU.

153 Mohana Srinivas. S, Bangalore , India. Floss is more flexible, cheaper, much better to learn, experiment.

154.Nikhil Prabhakar:Free Software leads to a society where everyone believes in helping one another.It leads to a society where everyone is free to share his/her knowledge.It allows you to help your neighbour and friends.Overall it gives you an ethical way of leading the life.

155. Aanjhan Ranganathan, Bangalore/Chennai - India [Open Minds... Open Source.. Open Knowledge..]

156.Hi folks, i really like the way things has been written in support of GNU/Linux.I also like the concept of freedom.

After reading, i've this view:
Just by saying things,it won't be much effective.The group has to take some time from the VTU staff & demonstarte the tools & enlighten them with GNU/Linux.All the best...

157. Mechanical Engineers are really going to benefit a lot from Open Source softwares, all Major Design softwares have their open source competetors, Lets build great open source Labs in our colleges.... SUBASH KRISHNAMURTHY, MSRIT,Bangalore,

158. Prabodh.C.P, Bangalore. This is really a good campaign in the right direction. Open source should be promoted. I think the teaching community need to be enlightened about this campaign. Kudos for your effort.

159.Sandesh shetty,BE(computer science),Sjce,Mysore.I completely support this petition...

160. Omshivaprakash H L Bangalore, IRC Nick: Techfiz, Teach students to build their own software from the core with all FREEDOM, FLOSS is the way to go!

161. Anand Muthu, Bangalore, India

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