Thejesh GN in Media

  1. Quoted in Times Of India about Free and Open Source Software in Education
  2. Front page of Bangalore Mirror  Newsprint - Online
  3. OneIndia - Living section -  Nokia Open Lab Event. Few hours before flying
  4. Dinamalar - Tamil Daily -  Nokia Event
  5. Bangalore Mirror - Blog Talk - Finnish Sojourn
  6. SkyNews UK - On my Personal Project Tweet4Blood
  7. Bangalore Mirror (Times of India Group) - On My personal project Tweet4Blood Online and Print. Same article on Times of India
  8. Udayavaani on my mobile blog
  9. Deccan Chronicle on @tweet4blood How to Save a Life
  10. India's techies hit back against
    - By Saritha Rai on Talks about my work at Janaagraha
  11. Hack of all trades - talks about RHok and Tweet4blood project
  12. Snail mail enthusiast looks to draft virtual map of post boxes in India (on Internet Archive )- About OpenPostBox Project
  13. Quoted in Government data portal gains traction (on Internet Archive)
  14. Groups, individuals work on smart moves to make smart cities (Archive Page1, Page2)
  15. How One Bangalorean is Crowdsourcing Evidence for Legal Activism With Open Data Kit
  16. There's a spy behind your gadget screen tracking data
  17. ಡಿಜಿಟಲ್ ದುಶ್ಶಾಸನರ ಕಾಲದ ದ್ರೌಪದಿಯರು | ಅಂಕಣಗಳು› ಇ-ಹೊತ್ತು | ಎನ್.ಎ.ಎಂ. ಇಸ್ಮಾಯಿಲ್
  18. ಏಕಾಂಗಿ ಗ್ರಹದ 700 ಕೋಟಿ ಕನಸುಗಳು | ಅಂಕಣಗಳು› ವಿಜ್ಙಾನ ವಿಶೇಷ | ನಾಗೇಶ್ ಹೆಗಡೆ
  19. The generation of e-Emergency
  20. Government blocks over 60 websites including github & sourceforge on anti-terror advisory
  21. Thejesh GN, activist armed with Open Data
  22. Kannada makes an entry into online maps
  23. Questioning government secrecy
  24. They use data to drive activism
  25. The zero-baggage app - Smartphone users are tired of downloading and updating apps. It’s time for businesses to think about Webapps
  26. Log off from the internet, step by step (archive)
  27. BENGALURU SIZZLES AT 40(archive)
  28. Children build circuits to detect temperature (archive)
  29. Children work with sensors to detect temperature while data enthusiasts discuss the Geo Spatial Bill(archive)
  30. Portrait of a city in protest mode(archive)
  31. How BMTC has failed to live up to its tech expectations
  32. Bengaluru extends a helping hand to flood-affected Kodagu and Kerala
  33. Telephone stories celebrating a woman's life
  34. Documenting life’s smaller victories with #ProjectOnHerOwn
  35. What is happening at the fifth edition of ‘Gender Bender’ in Bengaluru?

JavaScript Injection

  1. Airtel Accused Of Injecting Scripts Into Browsers [Says It’s Building Tech To Track Data Usage]
  2. Thejesh GN demands apology from Flash Networks for violation of privacy
  3. “Press Ctrl + U and we’ll sue” – Flash Networks to Thejesh GN
  4. ಗ್ರಾಹಕರ ಮೇಲೆ ಏರ್‌ಟೆಲ್ ಗೂಢಚರ್ಯೆ
  5. Bengaluru programmer Thejesh, who exposed Airtel's 'spy code', seeks Israeli firm's apology
  6. Airtel Spy-Code: Thejesh Demands Apology From Flash Networks Over Legal Notice
  7. Airtel code case: Programmer wants apology from Flash Networks
  8. Indian techie who exposed Airtel's malicious code injection may defend notice received from Flash Networks legally
  9. Israeli Firm Strong-Arms Indian Techie for Exposing Suspicious Code
  10. Airtel Spy Code: Indian Techie ‘Thejesh’ Demands Apology For Notice From Israeli Firm
  11. Airtel spy code: Indian techie now demands apology for the legal notice from Israeli firm
  12. Airtel ‘spy code': Indian Techie threatened with a criminal lawsuit
  13. Airtel Spying Issue: Indian Techie Asks Israeli Firm to Apologise for Legal Notice
  14. Airtel backs out of spy code controversy between Indian techie and Israeli firm
  15. Netizen Report: Indian Blogger Stuck Between Dubious Copyright Claim and Lousy Local Law
  16. Indian programmer Exposes JS Code Injection, Gets A Cease And Desist From The Injectors, What is our take (archived)
  17. Indian Programmer Exposes Code Injection, Gets A Cease And Desist From The Injectors (archived)
  18. Updated: Airtel says it had nothing to do with the legal notice sent to Thejesh GN
  19. FSMK's solidarity with Thejesh GN
  20. Hacker news : Indian Programmer Exposes Code Injection, Gets a Cease and Desist from Injectors
  21. Airtel spy code: Techie seeks apology from Israeli firm
  22. Airtel privacy row: Bengaluru-based programmer seeks unconditional apology from Israeli firm
  23. Airtel spy code: Indian techie seeks apology for notice from Israeli firm
  24. Airtel spy code: Indian techie now demands apology from Israeli firm for ‘illegal’ legal notice
  25. Indian techie who exposed Airtel's malicious code injection may defend notice received from Flash Networks legally
  26. Airtel Distances Itself From Cease And Desist Notice Over iFrame Issue
  27. Airtel calls it ‘standard solution’, but experts say spy code breach of privacy
  29. These Ex-Israeli Surveillance Agents Hijack Your Browser To Profit From Ads
  30. Airtel code injection saga: Indian techie hits back at Flash Networks
  31. Airtel's mystery code raises privacy concerns
  32. Indian Coder, Lawyer Take On Israeli Company’s Threats
  33. Are Airtel and Vodafone using Israeli software to track your phone browser?
  34. Is Airtel Secretly Injecting Scripts Into User’s Web Browser? If So, It’s Serious…
  35. Internet Activist receives notice for revealing Airtel’s secret code
  36. Is Airtel 3G secretly accessing browser content of its users?
  37. Bharti Airtel caught in privacy controversy, accused of putting 'mystery code' for embedding ads
  38. Airtel Has An Explanation For The 'Suspicious Code' It Is Inserting On Users' Browsers
  39. Airtel Responds To Indian Techie Strong Armed By Israeli Firm For Exposing Airtel’s Spy Tactics
  40. Video Airtel code injection saga - Indian techie hits back at Flash Networks
  41. Israeli firm gets legal on Indian techie over ISP ad injection spat
  42. Government Sidesteps Questions on Privacy Rights
  44. Injecting code in browsers only to improve customer experience: Ravi Shankar Prasad
  45. Privacy: Amobee user tracker found on some tests from Airtel users
  46. Airtel JavaScript Code Injection Discussed in Parliament
  47. இஸ்ரேலிய நிறுவனத்திற்காக உளவு பார்க்கிறதா ஏர்டெல்?
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