YAPodcast which expands to Yet Another Podcast was started by a group of friends at Infy. If you are really interested go ahead and read the history behind YAP. YAPodcast is a geek podcast anchored by myself and Veetrag as of now. YAP has both audio and video segment.

We are inspired by other geek podcasts like twit, stackoverflow etc. So if you see some signs of it then you are correct. We are not just a technology podacast. We call ourselves geek podcast because we talk about everything that interests geeks. It could be technology, travel, open source, motor shows, radio, racing, climbing, cycling, blogging, entrepreneurship etc that which interests you and us.

You can subscribe to YAPodcast using RSS, iTunes or Twitter.

If you like to be part of this fun show you are welcome. Just ping me or kv on twitter. We love to have some guests on YAP.

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