#ProjectOnHerOwn is a multimedia exploration through the landscape of women’s experiences of self-discovery, self-reliance and self-assertion. It travels through familiar stories about women all of us know. It unravels our moments of silent rebellion and shows us that we are not alone in these. In a world where the non-conforming voice has to fight for space, it is time for the collective to make space for the stories of everyday fight.

Project OnHerOwn Poster

Project OnHerOwn Poster

As part of the project we have a telephone line where caller can listen to everyday stories of women. Stories of her struggles, courage and choices. Travel with her as she discovers herself, learning to rely on herself. We hope the stories that emerge will acknowledge women’s struggles and celebrate everyday stories. Once they listen to her story, they can leave a story of their own in response so that together we can be aware, inspired and moved.

The main project page is on FictionHead. This page covers only the tech part.

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