State of Indian Languages on OpenStreetMap


India has many languages. The Eighth Schedule to the Indian Constitution contains a list of 22 scheduled languages. Which is a small subset of Indian languages. These 22 languages are also official languages of one or more states in India. With more than a billion speaking one of these 22 languages. Its important to provide the information in their language for digital equality.

Even though the general OSM mapping efforts in India has seen a lot of progress we have not seen much effort in providing maps in these languages. Its important to have the maps in local language for any impact social or economical. OpenStreetMap is very well placed to fulfill this requirement of citizen.

This page is to track the effort of bringing OpenStreetMap to Indian languages. This page has all the reports and charts to track the progress. If you think any other data point or visualization is important. Please do contact me. I will try and add it.


Real-time leader board of Indian language tags on OpenStreetMap. The leader board below uses the TagInfo API. It might take couple of seconds to load.



History of Indian Language tag growth on OSM. Data from pulled using a script on Sep/18/2016.

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