Twitter TopLinks

This script is inspired by Dave Winer's Top 40 links on twitter app. Using this script you can setup one of your own. I am running my own using the same script.

It displays the the top links (sorted by number of visits, like digg) shared by me on twitter in last 400 tweets. Its been scheduled to run once every hour.The logic is little different from Dave’s app. He displays latest top 40 links. Since I am not a big link sharer, I choose to display all of them present in my last 400 tweets.

What do you need?
1. PHP hosting
2. If you want to schedule then hosting provider should provide some kind of scheduling and write access to the file system there.
3. Twitter account
4. account for API usage

How to setup?
1. Down load the script and rename it as .php
2. Set up the following values

$id="";  //twitter id
$password=""; //twitter password
$bitly_key=""; //bitly api key
$bitly_id=""; //bitly user id
$scheduled=true; //if you want to schedule
$output_file_name="index.html"; //what should be the name of the result file. Req only if scheduled=true  

3. Upload to your hosting server

4. Schedule ( I suggest you to do schedule) the script

5. Make $output_file_name writable by the script

April 24 2009 - Download Version 0.1 - Needs a lot of improvement. There is lot of redundant code. Blog post.

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