40-twits app similar to @davewiner’s

After looking at Dave Winer's Top 40 links on twitter app, I wrote my own version of it called TopLinks

It displays the the top links (sorted by number of visits, like digg) shared by me on twitter in last 400 tweets. Its been scheduled to run once every hour.The logic is little different from Dave's app. He displays latest top 40 links. Since I am not a big link sharer, I choose to display all of them present in my last 400 tweets.

The app uses twitter and bitly APIs. I want to release the code, but I hacked it in 2 hrs, so its not very pretty. Let me clean it before releasing it .

What next? May be a wordpress plugin to show your top links on twitter. Any other ideas?

BTW I am @thej on twitter.

Update: Opensourced