Nagarathna Memorial Grant

I am creating a yearly $10001 micro-grant to support something meaningful. Grant is named after my mother – Nagarathna. The reason for grant could be anything as long its meaningful to you and people around. Though I prefer free and open source or creative commons projects, It’s not a must. It’s a no strings attached grant.



In the process.


What type of projects?

Any kind of project2 as long as you are passionate about it. Some examples are

  • You want to work on that FOSS project for a month or two
  • You want to take an internship that you can’t afford or visa that you can’t afford
  • You want to take a small course or a workshop that will help you
  • School fees for a kid you know who can’t afford
  • As initial fund for setting up pension scheme for a person you know who can’t afford

Who can apply?

Anyone, from anywhere.

No strings attached?

Yes, No strings attached. I give 50% of promised at the beginning and 50% later.

Will I get $1000 full?

As much as you require with upper limit being $1000. Let’s say the workshop you are taking costs $500, then its $500. We can give the rest $500 to someone else.

How can I apply?

You need to send an email to [ grant at ] . It is open for 2018. Deadline is May 15th 2018. Include the following details

  1. Full Name, Email and Phone
  2. What would you use this grant for?
  3. Anything else that you want to tell me


  1. As of now. May be I can increase when I can afford
  2. Sometimes they may not be projects
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