Nagarathna Memorial Grant – 2020 – Results

It wasn't easy to decide this year. There were more applications than usual. And I was confused quite a bit due to COVID-19. But at last, here we are with the results of Nagarathna Memorial Grant – 2020. This year, again, we have three grantees. We also have an anonymous1 donor of INR.20K. Because of which we could reach three grantees. Thank you.

So here we go

Name Amount
Ejnana - Science and Technology in Kannada ₹50,000
Pustaka Sanchaya ₹50,000
Janasuddi Podcasts ₹25,000

Please check their projects.

Janasuddi covers latest research, philosophy of science, introduction to classic science literature and history of science presented through 10 min audio in an interesting way. Podcasts are in Kannada. They are free to listen. Share it amongst your friends.

Sanchaya does a lot of scanning and archival works. You can see their efforts on their site and on Go check them out.

Ejnana produces science and technology related content in Kannada. They publish on web, in ebook format and in physical book formats. Go check them out.

Thanks to all the grantees for accepting. A huge thank you to everyone applied.

  1. I know who it is. But wants to be anonymous

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