NMG – 2023 – Results

It took some time, but finally, the results are here. It was much more challenging than last year. There were many eligible and exciting applications. But I have limited funds. Thanks to friends Shweta and Nemo for pitching in 50K each. This year's total grant amount is 2,95,000 2,70,000. A bit more than last year.

ನಾಗರತ್ನ ಸ್ಮಾರಕ ಅನುದಾನ - Nagarathna Memorial Grant
Nagarathna Memorial Grant

Kid from neighborhood - Higher Education1,00,000
Garima Bhatia - Handbook for Bird Educators - Kannada40,000
Pooja Dhingra - Compassion Contagion40,000
Soumya Mishra - Atypical Dikkattein, Podcast40,000
Afrah Asif - Research expenditure25,000
Pragathi Ravi - For a news story expenditure25,000

An email should reach you today with the details. Congratulations to all the grantees, and a huge thank you to everyone who applied.

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