Gov2.0, Politics

  1. IndiaVotes2014 – Lokasabha Elections 2014 - Coverage of the Worlds Biggest Election. Whole world is interested in whats going on in India. This is my attempt to capture the essential good, bad and ugly part of this election as a timeline.
  2. BBMP Election results BBMP Elections 2010 results are on the map. Go explore. Data is also available in JSON format for playing.
  3. IPaidABribe visualization created by my friend Prithvi Prabhu.

Weather Data

  1. I Love Bangalore..because is a fun visualization of Bangalore weather. Indirectly shows why we all love Bangalore. It has data from 1901 to 2002.
  2. Bangalore Weather Variation in Feb 2015
  3. Visualization of Rain Fall in Karnataka is where you could compare the rainfalls of districts of Karnataka from 2004 to 2008.
  4. Current Flood Forecast - India is a visual dashboard of current flood alerts issued by Govt.


  1. BMTC Bus Stop Accessibility
  2. BMTC Bus Stop Accessibility – Part 2
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