Bangalore Weather Variation in Feb 2015

Weather this Feb was very different. It looked like it almost changed everyday. Sometimes days were too hot and night too cold. I also fell sick (mostly cold & fever) couple of times in Feb. Today I took sometime out to explore the data. Indeed temperatures varied heavily in Feb. Check the chart below which shows variation in temperature.

The chart below shows the Daily Max and Min temperatures.

It also looks like its going back to normalcy in March. Lets see.

Credit: Charts were done using beautiful PykCharts.js

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  1. Anant Gupta says:

    Hi Thejesh,

    You have got a very nice blog. The temperature analysis, though simple tells us a lot. I was wondering if we could this for more cities. I believe this is leading to most of the seasonal flu’s etc. Temperature data will not be that difficult to scrape out. Let me know if you want to do this together

    Anant Gupta

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