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Conquering Kudhuremukh Part1 0

Conquering Kudhuremukh Part1

I didnt have any plans for the weekend as i had lotz of work on friday….and for the weekend too. Then on friday i came out of office around 9:00 pm to go home….venki (my room mate) called me and asked me too wait as he has something to carry home and he...

TechMag Weekly – Issue 2 0

TechMag Weekly – Issue 2

________________________________________ Issue:2 Date:30062003 TechMag Weekly By: Thejesh GN Thankx Thankx to Swaroop,Sandeep Patil,Sandya,Shibashis,Narayan(BTLITM) and all others for their encouragements…I will try to keep up to ur expectations.. Thankx Again, Thejesh GN ________________________________________ Simputer What is Simputer? The Simputer is a low cost portable alternative to PCs, by which the benefits of IT can...

TechMag Issue – 1 1

TechMag Issue – 1

Issue:1 Date:25062003 TechMag Weekly By: Thejesh GN Editors Note: Hai everybody, I am Thejesh GN starting my first newsletter. Since I am an engineer it is obvious that it will be a tech newsletter. You can expect all types of tips, tricks, pointers to other sources etc here. Even though this is not...