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Daily Report 34 – Home

We are back after 34 days of drive. I am happy that it was incident free and we didn’t fall sick. I need to calculate exact kilometers but I think we have done excess to 8000 KMs. This includes driving our brio, ford, walk, auto rides etc. I will write blog posts in...


Daily Report 32 – Pune

It was our longest drive in terms of kilometers I think. The roads were good and hence there was no issues. Also last bit of Pune to Mumbai was fun. The drive to Pune was green unlike what we had seen until now. We stayed at Ginger hotels. Its simple and clean. In...


Daily Report 29 and 30 – Bhuj

We reached Bhuj last evening. We left Ahemadabad after a good breakfast at House of MG and posting a batch of postcards from Sabramati Ashram. So all of them should get a special cancellation. Drive to Bhuj was easy. The roads are good. We reached by evening.In the we walked around Bhuj Town....