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Ride through clouds and curves to Valaparai 12

Ride through clouds and curves to Valaparai

It started with the plan to ride to Gokarna through Shivamogga. After our ride to Kanyakumari almost an year back we wanted to go for a long ride desperately. Heavy rains in Western Ghats of Karnataka forced us to change the destination. Anand suggested that we will ride to Valparai and it would...

Ride to Sravanabelagola 6

Ride to Sravanabelagola

I have been to Sravanabelagola multiple times. But this time it was with Yami. I left home around 6 and caught Anand at Madiwala. From there on we went to ISKON to join other riding friends. From ISKON to Nelamagala was uneventful. At Nelamangala we were supposed to take a left turn to...

Pictures from ride to Kanyakumari 18

Pictures from ride to Kanyakumari

Three bikes and three men set to reach kanyakumari from Bangalore. On the way to Madhurai. I saw this beautiful hill. Captured this with my K750i before my co-riders reached me.

Twittering missionKK 8

Twittering missionKK

I was fully connected through out my bike ride to Kanyakumari from Bangalore. I used GPRS to twitter my travel and communicate with my friends. These tweets give the details about where/what/when. A proper blog post with pics is coming. Until then enjoy the tweets. i hope it will stop raining tomorrow. is...

Ride to Pondicherry 1

Ride to Pondicherry

This particular ride is out of my personal experience. I have driven my Yamaha from Bangalore to Pondicherry. It was really a memorable ride of my life. Day 1: we were supposed to leave by 5:30 am. Myself and D waited for Vinay and MK. It became six then six thirty. They arrived...