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Gandhi Bhavan, Bengaluru 1

Weekly Notes 20/2024

Uma’s sleeping cycle has changed a bit. She now sleeps from 7 PM to 6:30 AM, with a short nap in the morning and a longer nap after lunch. Her diet includes most of what we eat, but less spicy. She doesn’t like eggs as of now :(, which are important in our diet, so we keep trying different ways to introduce them.

Echo and Uma 2

Echo, Pathu and Uma

We introduced Uma to Pathu and Echo on day one, and she has grown up with them since then. Echo and Pathu have been friendly to people and toddlers even before Uma. So it wasn’t difficult to introduce Uma to them, even though she was the youngest baby they had met. It’s also the first time they are living with a human baby. Their relationship is that of siblings.

Pathu needs warm place

Weekly Notes 47/2022

After 15+ years of using Twitter, I am moving to a self-hosted, federated ActivityPub-based microblog. Too many buzzwords? They all mean something and something concrete. From now on, Twitter will be secondary, and the primary post will be on @thej@social.thej.in. If you are on Mastadon or any other ActivityPub compatible server, search for @thej@social.thej.in and follow me. I intend to follow everyone back in the initial period.