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Mathematics on Web 10

Mathematics on Web

At some point of time course material of Processing will go online. I believe in true web and hence the presentations are in HTML. Last two days I was struggling to put some mathematical formulas with out breaking the web. The best I could find was MathJax. Its an open source JavaScript display...

Game of Life with Processing.js 8

Game of Life with Processing.js

I was bored. So I thought of playing Game of Life. I got to know about it through hacker logo which is the glider pattern from the Game of Life. While playing I thought let me code it processing.js. Game of life is a simple game with no interaction involved once you start...

Javascript API for wordpress posts 1

Javascript API for wordpress posts

I have been looking at ways of using my activity stream. The stream is a WordPress blog and has various kinds of data (status msg, pictures, links and posts). Eventhough wordpress provides certain xml based APIs, I wanted something simple, that works on client side. One of the requirement was to pull the...