How to read Kannada (Indic) on Android

Like I had written earlier you can't read/write Kannada on an Android phone. I have given this feedback to Google and its also on the bug list. But I am not sure when will Google implement it. The biggest thing I missed is reading Kannada blogs. But then this tip helped me to get Kannada back on mobile.

1. Search for Opera Mini on Android market
2. Install it
3. Or use this QR code

4. Type about:config in url bar and then press go
5. Scroll down until you see the setting Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts
6. Change it to yes and save
7. Now try and you should be able to read Kannada on Android

This setting will make the Opera Mini to render the page on server side and then deliver it. Hence even though your phone doesn't have Unicode fonts or rendering capability, you can still read it.

I tried it on my Nexus One and it worked. It should work on most of the other Android mobiles.

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  1. Keerthi Kumar K says:

    hey hi… i’m not able read kannada fonts on opera mobile in Nokia 500… plse help me in doing so…

  2. sam says:

    thank you sir…. it worked on wildfire s

  3. ramesh yakkalli says:

    wow i got kannada language to read.

    Thanks thanks a lot. bro

  4. Chandrakanth says:

    thanks for solutions,, but i am not able to read or write sms in kannada

  5. gowda says:

    Done….. Nice work man…..

  6. harish says:

    thank u its workeed on celkon a 95

  7. Yaser says:

    Nenedavarige Nenapagi – meaning in english please

    • sri says:

      “nenedavarige nenapagi…” depending on the context could either mean “[you] become memory of those who remember…” OR “[it] came to the memory of those who recalled…”.

  8. Narasimha says:

    I can’t find “use bitmap fonts ” in opera mini config please help me

  9. sreenivas says:

    thanks, sampada opened in kannada

  10. Great work..
    I found it very useful.
    Now I’m using OPERA MINI to read kannada fonts.

  11. Shivanna says:

    Thank you so much now am able to see website


  12. swapneel says:

    thanks guru its working perfectly fine

  13. Manjunath N says:

    Thanks so mucn,

  14. Heya cool site! Guy. Gorgeous. Fantastic. Let me save your blog as well as take the for in addition? I’m just grateful to get so many very helpful information and facts listed here inside release, we end up needing determine more procedures during this regard, thanks for revealing.

  15. prashanth says:

    how to type kannada in micromax A56

  16. santhosh says:

    sir i am using samsung galaxy grand bt i cont red script taiping in baraha,nudi saftwer.

  17. Bhavya says:

    it worked on my HTC desire c.. thanks !!

  18. Raghavendra hegde says:

    Thank u very much for inventing. But I want to read kannada for all app.

  19. Suprabha says:

    Thanks a lot for the info. It worked on HTC v1.

  20. meghana says:

    Can anybody help how to 7th step