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Damn I am 30! 16

Damn I am 30!

Well I am surprised, shocked and in disbelief. How could I turn 30 so fast? What I have done in last 30 best years? What will I do in next 30 years? Which probably is the life I am left with. In last 30 days, I haven’t slept properly. I am the guy...

The Debut 7

The Debut

Its 11pm, I am back from the office of Bangalore Mirror after completing my first ever byline article. It wasn’t meant to be like that, I went there to meet few friends and talk to them about an opportunity. But then thanks to all the staff they forced me to sit there and...

Kodava Marriage – Respecting Maternal Family 7

Kodava Marriage – Respecting Maternal Family

A very close Kodava friend of mine got married recently. I am planning to write series of posts on Kodava marriage rituals. This is first one of the series. Kodavas are a warrior community and their wedding rituals involve symbolic warfare. This ritual of cutting banana shoots is to show respect to maternal...

Cool…I got the news just now 35

Cool…I got the news just now

I did not expect myself to be on the front page(expected an inside story). I am yet to see the paper. Thanks for all those who sent messages and mails. I will write about the trip in detail later this week. Thanks a lot to all my readers, WOMWorld and BangaloreMirror. BTW article...

Upgrade to wordpress 2.5 is in progress 1

Upgrade to wordpress 2.5 is in progress

Keep wondering. [ Picture taken by me at Melkote] Update: Upgrade is all most done. As of now categories and tags are messed up. I am updating them manually. Thanks.

My new G shock 6

My new G shock

G Shocks are more than regular wrist watches. They are part of your life and represent your personality. Once you start wearing them probably you wouldn’t wear any other wrist watch. After spending two years with out wearing a wrist watch I got this one. Its not that I did not have one....