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The Year that was 2014

So we are at the end of 2014. It’s an interesting year from both personal and professional life PoV. It was a year of some great travels, food, some memorable conversations with friends, great teammates to work with and interesting problems to solve. I must say it was also one of the busiest...


The Year that was 2013

This is the seventh year of “The Year that was” series. This was the most successful year until now according to me. Here are some of the highlights Life was great. I am married now. Its much better now :) Working with Mavrix has been very fruitful, We released mobile apps this year...

The year that was 2012 6

The year that was 2012

So world didn’t end and hence I am back to give you the status update: Life has been great. I have been blessed with lots of love and care Work at Mavrix has been great and expect some new announcements very soon Work at NextDrop and India Water Portal is exciting to say...