Weekly Notes 27/2024

Welcome to the second half of 2024. This year is flying by. Days feel slow, but months and weeks are speeding.

Uma at Park
Uma at Park, Back to regular programming.
  • It's been a hectic week at work with lots to do. The start of a new quarter is always busy. Ideally, I should avoid taking a vacation at the beginning or end of a quarter to prevent vacation work from piling up on top of the regular quarterly tasks. I've made significant progress. Next week should be a regular week.
  • I wrote a blog post about the bill-splitting apps I have used. I also released a userscript to add Download/Export as a CSV feature to Grouptabs.
  • I watched Ullozhukku (Undercurrent). It's intense. Parvathy and Urvashi are excellent actors, do their part well, and are very real. I liked the movie except for the climax. I have reservations about its climax. Watch it; they have subtitles in the theater. I also watched Kalki 2898 AD. I like the making, graphics, etc. The story is a mix of Indian mythology and post-apocalyptic fiction. I have some reservations about the story, but that is for another post. Some scenes seem inspired by Avengers, Madmax, Wakanda, etc. Kids will love it.
  • We went out for a friend's birthday lunch at Bologna in Indiranagar. I think it was average.
  • I started attending sessions on the Montessori for parents at Earth School. It's a five-session series. I am attending only three of them. I like the Montessori education system. Currently, I am trying to understand the system better.
  • My Yoga classes at the Practice Room have restarted after their annual break. I couldn't go on Tuesday, but I did today. I should be regular from next week.

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