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So You Love Open Source developers………

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 29 - 2008

So you love those unknown faces behind Open Source products. You like their work and suggest the same to your friends. But what if one of those developers need your help desperately to save his child……..can you donate small amount like $5….the amount you spend @ccd in a week…will you help them?

Ivan“My family got bad news – doctors said allogenic bone marrow transplantation is the only chance for my son Ivan. “8 months of heavy and expensive immune suppression brought some positive results so we hoped that recovering is just question of time. Ivan is very brave boy – not every human meets so much suffering during whole life, like Ivan already met in his 2,5 years. But long road is still in front of us to get full recover – we are ready to come it through.
“Ukrainian clinics have no technical possibility to do such complex operation, so we need 150-250K EUR for Israel or European or US clinic. The final decision will be made considering amount we able to find. Perhaps my family is able to get ~60% of that by selling the flat where parents leave and some other goods, but we still require external help.”
— Andrii Nikitin, MySQL Engineer

Thanks to GBot, Dhempe and ManojVasanth who have already contributed to the effort.

Notes about Nokia Open Lab 2008

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 22 - 2008

I am still trying to come out the euphoria. Out of my six days in Helsinki spent first three days geeking out. The idea of OpenLab was to bring together 35+ geeks from the field tech, blogging, programming, education, music and photography to discuss about social media, connected life, mobile life etc
Womworld had planned the event so meticulously that they had even scheduled sauna time. The pattern of discussion was completely new where we were made into four groups with little introduction to subjects. The objective being the *ideas* should come out of discussion. Then a leader from the every team presented it to the rest of the group. The members of the group were shuffled enough number time to create an opportunity for networking.
The first session started with social media and networking. Least common denominator amongst the participants was we all were on some social networking. So it was great subject to start the sessions. I did not know anything about others. Its not easy to talk when you don’t know whom you are talking to and they are best thirty five from around the world. More than that I am great listener than a talker. So my initial participation was listening to the comments made by other and in some cases making some comments. In the afternoon we had discussions on how to use collaborative and social tools at work, future films, games and usage of geo-location data.
Time was very limited. Each of the subject on the agenda would have taken a day. I still remember during our discussion on environment we had not even started the discussion when the bells went. Never the less, me and Jen continued our discussion about Bangalore autos, LPG and nuclear power. After a long time I found somebody who liked Bangalore amongst all the chaos. Jen said and I quote “Bangalore today is like LA in 80s. Its growing heavily, attracting people from all over the world. It will take time but it will become one of the best cities in the world”.
For me the best things were lunch and coffee breaks. I had great conversation with Steve about education in India and US. How education is becoming expensive and there is such a lack of good teachers in India etc.
Each and every conversation I had is memorable. It was the best part of the workshop. Lots of people to talk to and lot many different subjects. At the end of the third day we had just begun and it was already time to bid good bye.

I am not sure how this is going to help Nokia. Probably its going to help them if they want to build a new internet service or want to improve a service. Or they just wanted to feel the pulse of heavy internet/mobile users. Nokia kept all the conversations open and earned a lot of my respect.

Note: Cross posted at Bangalore Mirror Blog Talk.

Handshake signal req

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 20 - 2008

If you have a friend who is blind (literally) gentleman/lady please let me know. I want to meet them over a coffee. I would prefer educated person.

Want to talk to them about education, technology etc. more focused on multimedia usage in education and entertainment.

Please help me.

How to upload video to 12 seconds from web

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 18 - 2008

I have been using 12Seconds (aka video twitter) for a while now. You can send your 12seconds video to them by mail or record one on their website. If you already have a video there is no direct way to upload. But you can send it as an email attachment. But when I am public m/c I wouldn’t like to open my email. So I wrote a simple app to upload the video to your 12seconds account from web.

Watch the 12seconds how-to tutorial for the same uploaded using the same app :)

How to upload video to 12 seconds from web on

Your suggestions and comments are welcome. BTW dont forget to follow me on 12seconds.

I will be at Nokia Open Labs workshop – Helsinki

Posted by Thejesh GN On September - 6 - 2008

Now that I have got the official name of the workshop let me write about it in detail. I will be attending the inaugural “Open Lab” Workshop at Helsinki. Thanks to Nokia and WomWorld for the invitation and sponsorship. There will be 35 people from all around the world with different backgrounds attending this event. I am not sure about the number of attendees from India.

It’s taking place in September between the 11th and 14th, and will be the first of its kind hosted by Nokia. We’re contacting everyone from creative’s, designers, video producers to open source software bloggers and mobile tech pioneers. There will be a number of workshops that’ll see discussion with participants, and with Nokia guys, about the future of different online arenas and mobile technology. Workshops that we hope you’d like to join in with and make yourself heard.

You know how much I like myself to be heard. Now this is also a great opportunity to meet other bloggers/twitters from all around the world. I hope we will have a tweetup on one of those evenings.

The workshop will revolve around four topics. Neighborhood which will revolve around online communities, social media, networking etc. Connected Life, Entertainment, Work are the other main topics of the workshop.

During the workshop I will also get a chance to try out Nokia E71. Now that I like my eE1i so much; I am very eager to try E71. Wait for my detailed review.

Mean while did a Google search to find other participants of the workshop. I can see Micki, Mike, Nick, Rebecca coming to Open Labs. Who else is joining us?

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