Weekly Notes 16/2024

In the past three years, NMG results were delayed for various reasons. This year, I aimed to stay on schedule and managed to do so. I announced them on April 14th, just like I said I would. I am pleased about it. This year (2024) is NMG's seventh year. It's been eight years since Amma passed away. Time flies fast. Before you realize it, it's already late. 

Auto with the board " Enjoy every moment because death is unexpected"
"Enjoy every moment because death is unexpected" - Last Saturday near HSR.
  • 🎉 I wish you a belated Vishu (Malayalam New Year) and Ambedkar Jayanthi. We celebrate the new year three times a year: Gregorian, Yugadi, and Vishu. So fun multiple times.
  • 🕸️ I updated all the maps to use the new Leaflet Map plugin. Map data is stored as GeoJSON in CouchDB or GPX inside the WordPress media folder. I will randomly check some posts to see if everything is fine; otherwise, the migration is complete. I have been a paid user of Maps Marker Pro for more than three years now. It's a good product but expensive and complicated for a personal site. However, I still recommend it to folks who want to build a map-based application on the WordPress platform. 
  • 👨‍👩‍👧 Uma's grandmother stitched a set of clothes for her. They are very pretty. Of course, I have nothing to do with its creation, but I am just happy. Uma also met great-grand uncle and aunt this week. It was good to see four generations meeting each other and interacting.
  • 💻 It's been a busy week at work. I hope to close all the pending items with me and start with a clean slate on Monday.
  • 🗣️ One of the NMG Grantees couldn't accept the grant for some reason. So, we are going back to select an alternative grantee. By Monday, I should be able to post the updates. 
  • 📺 I watched SSE-Side B on Prime. I have mixed opinions about it, but it's definitely watchable.
  • 🧘 I started on Yoga. I enjoyed the first class. It was fun and involved. I think the instructor played a major role in me liking it.

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2 Responses

  1. Vishnu Gopal says:

    > I watched SSE-Side B on Prime. I have mixed opinions about it, but it’s definitely watchable.
    Side A also seems to be available on Prime, will add to my watchlist, thanks!

    > In the past three years, NMG results were delayed for various reasons.
    Great wok on these, a big fan of microgrants like these!