Back up your blog using Blog Backup Online

After Sindhu lost her blog by accidental deletion of DB. I started seriously thinking about my blog backup. One way was to backup the wordpress db tables by export feature in phpmyadmin. I also have blogger blogs; which can be backedup only by storing a copy of RSS on your reader or hard disk. But doing it everyday(eve weekly) is boring Today I found Which will backup any blog at automatically at regular intervals. And allows to export your backup as RSS any time.

BlogBackupOnline provides a one-stop solution for blog backup and management by allowing users to create full backups, schedule automatic daily blog backups, restore blogs and move blogs to another server.Data and content are valuable. Content stored online can be lost just as easily as data stored on your hard drive. Without a secure backup, your blog content can be lost if a server crashes or you accidentally delete content. With BlogBackupOnline,
your blog is safe and can be restored to any previous version.

Presently gives only 50 MB space. And can do daily or weekly backups. Try and let me know!!