Author: Thejesh GN

Asking ChatGPT to give me real links 2

ChatGPT Hallucinates

Like the rest of the tech world, I have been experimenting with ChatGPT. Since this is my twentieth year of blogging, so I asked ChatGPT to pick up the most popular posts on my blog. My blog has been public since the beginning, and at least parts of it would have been available for ChatGPT when it got built. So I expected it to pick up actual posts and present them to me. But strange things happened

On the way 1

Weekly Notes 11/2023

I love driving. I love company, but I also love driving alone. I have not driven alone in a long time. Last week I did. I drove around 500 KMs all by myself, and I loved it. It reminded me of my first solo drive to and back from Coorg, which included a night drive. Maybe because it was solo, and I left Thrissur around 3 AM.