Kannada Rap – Explosion 1 by Urban Lads

explosion_1.jpgI bought this album last week but didn't spend much time with it. Today I spent few hours listening to it. I wouldn't say its the best Kannada music but I would for sure say its a change and the change looks good. The album explosion 1 by Basavanagudi based young team called Urban Lads is pretty cool. The album contains seven songs of Kanglish hip hop. The lyrics of "Just Missu" is good and funny. I enjoyed lines "guru naan sandeep..east end circlenalli police idukondu bittiddane....". There is another called "preeti illade yenide" written by Jayant Kaikini and Sameer Kulkarni. I must appreciate Jayant Kaikini for working along such a young team. Its come out pretty well.

Overall its a decent album for Rs.99. Go get a copy.

1. Tracks are available on Kannada Audio for online listening
2. First ever Kannada Rap called Auto Soori
3. And now, it's Kannada Rap!

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  1. sindhu says:

    yup absolutely! they should get on with times get a blog, twitter release their stuff under CC liscense ;] collaborate with a few metal bands … that would really spike their popularity up! and yeah most of all perform in a few college gigs.

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    I agree. They should at least have a blog!

  3. ManojVasanth says:

    Wanna buy this one!! In fact I like Jayant Kaikini’s poetry. Writes it really good.
    Specially, Minchaagi Neenu Baralu from Gaalipata.Very Nice :)

  4. sandeep says:

    sooper band….i have downloaded the songs

  5. Rahul says:

    Absolutely brilliant stuff!

    Thejesh, although you’ve downplayed it saying it may not be the best kannada album, I LOVED this one!

    You should consider editing that part… and if Urban Lads are reading this blog, GUYS, YOU ROCK!!!

    – Rahul

  6. sdgsd says:

    where can we get lyrics??

  7. chiru says:

    guru superagide nim album, nanu KANNADA abhimani ,rakesh nin KANNADA abhimaana nange ista aythu ,alok nin voice chennagide Jayanth Kaikini lyrics excellent .nim teamge shubhavagali KANNADA maribedi,KANNADA Kalisi Ulisi Belesi .SIRIGANNADAM GELGE SIRIGANNADAM BALGE

  8. shekar says:

    hey u Gurus of Kannada Raps… u jus made sumthin very interestin and funny… u rok.. M a follower of urban Lads…

  9. Madhu G N says:

    Adbhutavaagide ee rap geethe. Tumba chennagi maadiddare! kannada music ge hosatana tandide ee album

  10. satish says:

    hey urban lads, i just want to give u some suggestions. if u want u can use it… plz change ur hair styles, dressing styles in ur pics. and abt ur album superb……. dual is my favorite

  11. mohan says:

    nam thai anney gu kannada yenu untha thorsidira .pratiyondhu tracks excellent

  12. shashank says:

    hi its super album……….. i wud like to congratulate my sweet frend sandeep……. im very happy coz my frend sandeep is part of dis album go ahead maga all d best

  13. simha says:

    en album maga idu!!!!!?!!!!!! super maga.. nijvaglu helthini.. simply superb album…. very nice..keep rocking…

  14. Vishnu says:

    Cool guys………..keep it up
    U guys can make the changes in the industry

  15. Kartik says:

    Great stuff!!!…I just loved the part of a song in Hubli kannada style…

  16. Prashanth says:

    They are just awesome man!
    My fovs are Intro, Bangalorization & Just Missu!
    I request everyone to purchase original CDs & support them. “Nam hudgurigr naav support maad-de idre, bere yaar maadbeku?”

  17. Prashanth says:

    They are just awesome man!
    My favs are Intro, Bangalorization & Just Missu!
    I request everyone to purchase original CDs & support them. “Nam hudgurigr naav support maad-de idre, bere yaar maadbeku?”

  18. aquilone says:

    Yene heli saar, aadu basheli hadiro haadu hale kaladalli hit…..aadre eega time change agide, jana change keluthare, addake namma hudugaru rap song hadbeku….
    Yesthu chennagi hudugara manasalli iro mathanna haddali heliddare, hudugaru talented sir….
    They should start their own blog so that ppl like us can kontribute our very own lyrics.
    Here Kontribution can be seen as exchange of ideas so that each song can be seen having a right mix of flavour from all stratas…

  19. Srikanth says:

    Album is just amazing.The best of all tracks i feel is the duality song…
    URBAN LADS continue rocking…

  20. KARTHIK D (karu) says:

    super maga…..i liked it very much….

  21. veena says:

    waiting for ur next album . ilike the song preethi illade …..
    keep the good work going .

  22. shiv says:

    dear guys where shall i get this songs in net

  23. Madhu Sudhan M says:

    Hi…….. dudes
    Excellent work there…
    Nice Music, Nice Lyrics…
    But one thing, one of them have suggested to change your Looks..
    Please go through that…

    Thanks for taking kannnada to a step ahead..
    Thanks again
    Mad dude.

  24. Sree Laxmi says:

    Hi… Happy independence day

    Topnotch singing and salutary lyrics… music is terrific…

    Preethi illade yenide song is my favourite song…

    Where can i get the lyrics of all the songs

  25. deepak says:

    @sandeep : 

    Please send the link where I can download just missu karoake

  26. Balaji says:

    plz tell me frm where i can download the lyrics of urban lads

  27. Jynx says:

    Hi all,
    This is just to inform to everybody that the Urban Lads are back, with their new album, if there are any fans out there, log onto http://www.urban-lads.com and download their caller tunes!!

  28. hithaishy says:

    its super

  29. yogeshwar desai says:

    Superb work buddies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    u can take our language to sky high

  30. Naga says:

    i wanna get only music tracks pls tell me hw can i get? pls cont me


  31. Lelah Malott says:

    Thx for information.