Naganatheshwara temple at Begur Bangalore

Its very common for myself and my friend Manju to explore something new on Sunday evenings. I had heard about Naganatheshwara temple at Begur but had not seen it. Since it is very near to my home we though it would be a good place laze around on a sunday evening. Manju's mom had told us according to legend the temple is of the era of Pandavas and Pandawas used to offer Pooja to Shiva. Me and Manju reached there early on Sunday evening. The temple was still not open but we got some amazing pictures of it from outside.
Collage of all the pictures I took on that day.


Main temple side view. You can see the temple and temple well in the picture. The modern houses you see in the background is actually of Begur village.
Temple is not that tall. Its short but is spread across. This is one of the temple towers.
Naganatheshwara temple is temple of Shiva. So you can expect Nandhi.
Yet another view of temple complex.

Temple has two small towers. I have tried to get both.

Nandhi from another angle.

Actual temple

Its actually very easy to reach temple. Its not very far from Bommanahalli on NH7. You have to take a right turn at Bommanahalli ( if you are coming from Bangalore) and the road directly goes to Begur. Ask anybody there for the temple. Good luck.

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  1. Sandeep says:

    Sakathagidhe maga temple…

    Nice pics…

  2. sourav says:

    Nice posting…. it would be a good weekend drive in Bangalore.

  3. Supriya says:

    I have seen the temple earlier (on one ofthe festive days when it gets overcrowded. But your pics added a new dimension to it. Amazing. Would want to visit the temple again when its deserted of humans.

  4. Supriya says:

    I was reading the history of BengaLooru and see that the Naganatheshwara temple at Begur is one of the oldest temples in the history of the city. Dates back to about 987 A.D I shall pass on more info on this to you.

  5. neelanjana says:

    Nice pictures. Looks like a construction of Ganga kings.

    The inscription that shows the name of Bengalooru, was found in Begooru (dated 980 AD, and hence defying all those stories about the bendakaaLooru – city of boiled beans stuff. The inscription might even be here in this temple – I don’t know if it still exists there though.


  6. Thejesh GN says:

    @neelanjana : Not sure about the inscript. If it is in Begur..then I will try to find out.

  7. neelanjana says:

    As per this link, the inscription I mentioned earlier is indeed at the Naganatha Temple in Begooru.,com_nicetalk/task,view/topic,16/Itemid,249/

  8. Thejesh GN says:

    @neelanjana : Thanks for bringing it to my notice. It feels good to know.

  9. Subbu says:

    After seeing this post, i went for a photoshoot there. It was a nice place. Temple restoration is going on. You can see some of the pics i clicked in my blog.

  10. Thejesh GN says:

    @Subbu : I read that post on your blog. Now waiting to see the photographs.

  11. thippeswamy says:

    begur is beautiful place in bangalore.

  12. pushkar says:

    hey thanx a lot for sharing the info… was very helpful… hopefully i get to go there asap!
    thanx again…keep posting.. :)


    Thanks for knowing to me Arun..!

  14. We, a group of sr citizens (women) visited the temple today. As you said , very easy to reach. The Temple itself is very impressive with its old magnificent architecture.

  15. Kushal says:

    wow,now its showing in heegu unte,TV9..

  16. Asha says:

    very impressed after seeing heegu unte. Is it true ????????? How many km from MG Rd. Cn any one help me ????

    • chandru says:

      Kanditha naanu help madthini nivu shivajinagar but stand ge bandhu allindha bus rote no 356 or something i don’t know sry bt that bus go to near temple u ask beguru temple .
      Jai Sai ram

  17. Ram Mohan says:

    After seeing the temple in Heegu Unte ,I was surfing for more information.Thanks for giving good information and Photos. I will be visiting the temple.

  18. Kuppu says:

    Dear Asha,
    its hardly 8 to 10 KM from M.g Road

  19. Kuppu says:

    its hardly 8 to 10 KM from M.g Road

  20. Kuppu says:

    @Asha : 8 to 10 K.M from M.G Road

  21. sudhir shetty says:

    refer about the temple i’am very happy to seen the photos of temple.any how visit to this place very soon, and praying solve my some personal problem. once again thanks you.

  22. Meera says:

    Very nice photos!

    I wrote about Begur and the inscription found here in Deccan Herald recently. You can read about it here: and

  23. Jayanthi says:

    Hi i was very impressed by seeing this temple in Heegu Unte. I am planning to go there. Thanks for Heegu Unte for showing such a wonderful powerful temples.

  24. Padmanabha Rai says:

    Thank you very much.
    Actually I would need this information. while searching in Google,
    I got the this information, Thank for the route guidelines.
    You made good job. very nice. Tomorrow I will visit temple

    Thank you very much.

  25. BVR says:

    @Asha : about 25kms from MG Rd .. Rgds Rajanikanth

  26. prasad says:

    does any body know the temple open timings

  27. prasad says:

    do any body know the temple open timings

  28. Shrinivas M Itapi says:

    Helo Dear,

    U really did a gud job by sharing dis information. Thank u…

  29. shyam says:

    After watching the Heegu Unte episode , we too plan to go the temple this sunday. What might be the temple timings? Some temples close early due to Dhanur Maasa.

  30. Raghavendra Kamath says:

    Hi Thej, thank you so much for the info on this temple with photoes. We are planning to visit on 14th ie on Sankranthi. Can u pls let me know how far is it from Silk Board Junction? Do all BMTC buses going to Begur also go by the place where this temple is located? Pls suggest.


  31. shyam says:

    The temple is about 3 kms from the Bommanhalli junction on Hosur Road. The main road is very narrow and serpentine. We were there by about 7.30am, already the place had a big crowd, finished darshan of all the 5 temples by 8.30am.There is board which says temple opens at 5am and in the evening from 5 to 8pm. The morning closing time was covered by a poster which said “way to swami’s darshan”. But the priest inside the main temple said they are open 4am to 9am due to Dhanur Maasa but would extend the opening hours by another hour or two as the crowd was growing larger and larger by the minute. Not sure if its the Heego Unte effect or sunday Jan 3rd was sankashti.
    The bus stop is right opposite the temple.Parking space is little difficult to find. Saw a couple of spanking new Tata-Marcopolo BMTC buses on this route ,so journey will be comfortable if traveling by BMTC.

  32. lokesh says:

    from m g road to begur around 15 km … good belivable temple …
    @Asha : 

  33. bhargav says:

    sastha munireddy in begur

  34. kishore says:

    please sent address of ahobala narasimha swamy temple

  35. it was a very old & powerful temple located in bangalore

  36. R. GANAPATHI RAO says:

    Dear Thejesh,
    The information so far I had about Bangalore (Bengalooru) was that Kempegowda built the city and was based on his hunting trip where he had
    baked beans. I had planned a skit based on the historical facts that Kempegowda’s daughter-in-law Lakshmi supposed to have sacrificed hereself
    to save the southern gate of the Bangalore fort. But unless I get more
    authentic info about this sacrifice I am not going continu8e with rehearsal
    of the skit. Can you throw some light on this as well as send me the picture of the lithographic inscription about Bengaluru. This saturday I
    have to come to office for dance rehearsal of my daughter, can we meet on
    my way back, may be you can show me around. Please give me your phone no.
    so that we fix a time & date as well.

    I work at electronics city (C-DOT).

  37. nagaraj gargya says:

    the temple was built by cholas.

  38. raj ganguly says:

    all templs r wnderful

  39. Mrudula says:

    Awesome pics.. :-) If possible could you please post pics of the panchalingas in that temple…

    Again amazing job.. thanks for the same..


  40. Prav33n says:

    Cool Place cant believe coz born in Bangalore, but never heard r seen dis Temple & pics r really Awesum k vil visit vry soon.

    Thanks 4 de update, plz update more lik dis…


  41. James says:

    Hi ,
    Thanks a million for the pics Can somebody tell me which bus to take from majestic to reach this temple, thanks in advance

    • Bhagyalakshmi.Y.C says:

      I never knew that such a beautiful temple is situated in Bangalore,as soon as i saw outlook of the temple was so exited to get in.After entering in to the temple i was surprised and got a chance to have dharsana with lots of God,here i found grace of God, peace of nature.Really it was a good opportunity to visit to the Begur temple.

    • Raghavendra says:

      From majestic u will get 343 or 344 @ platform 15,16 to Begur….

  42. Sathish says:

    hi Thejesh

    ur work is excellant…..
    pics r awesome….. :)

  43. hide isp says:

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  44. Deepak says:

    Can you tell me the exact location of the basadis near begur fort??

  45. David says:

    Iam Staying near begur. If anybody wants details about temple call me on mobile 8088450766

  46. Sanjana says:


    Photos are awesome.

    can anybody please share what each of the five Shiva Lingas symbolize?

  47. Sanjana says:

    Photos are awesome.

    can anybody please share what each of the five Shiva Lingas symbolize?

  48. Thangaraj says:

    I stay near Bommanahalli.
    It is believed that each of the Lingas / representation of Shiva have the energy to ward off different nagging problems faced by the people.

    The five Lingas are known as:
    1. Sri Nageshvara with Parvathi, which is the oldest temple and he blesses everyone
    with anything they ask for.
    2. Sri Choleshwara Swamy – Cures skin ailment
    3. Sri Nagareshwara Swamy – Solves business problems and court cases
    4. Sri Kalikamateshwara Swamy – Blesses with children
    5. Sri Karneshwara Swamy – Gives good health

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