Newyork Memories

It was may 2005 when my college friends planned for NY, WDC and Niagara drive. It was one week long trip along with my buddies. I never wrote about that trip other than sharing few pictures with my friends. (Which reminds me, I have to write about Rome and Hampi. I will, very soon.)
I was in Milwaukee then, I caught my flight to NYC. It was my first trip to *the big* city. I still remember how excited I was. I have some pics below. I am not going to write complete story but will add a short note below each picture.

New york city in the night from the top of Empire State Building. I amazed with the quality of picture taken by a low end sony cybershot. I guess that is Metropolitan Life Tower in the picture.

I am not sure about the bridge. Its either Manhattan or Brooklyn Bridge. Can somebody tell me which one it is?
You can see Citigroup Center. Green one on the right.
Well that is me with Manhattan in the background. I guess we were on the way to liberty island.
Well you know that.

That is New york stock exchange. If you walk further you will see the bull.
Of course we had to visit glittering times square. I enjoyed walking abound aimlessly there.
At last but not the least. We did visit ground zero. I went through hundreds of emotions when I walked around that place which I cant express.

Note: I usually backup my pictures on an external hard disk. I also do second level of backup on CDs. I have around 40+ CDs with pictures. Recently I was looking for an image from one of my use drives. That is when I realized, some of CDs have got spoilt due to aging. To be on the safer side I am uploading 20 most important pics from each of my trip onto S3. As I was uploading into S3 I thought about writing posts about my travels which I have not written earlier.

3 Responses

  1. Ruchi says:

    That photo “liberty island” is really good.

  2. Gowri says:

    Have you looked at automatic backup to S3? JungleDisk for instance? I have been using it for backing up photos and important documents for a year – works great!

  3. Vijesh says:

    Nice pics. Esp the Night view. You are right backups are must! I too have learned my lessons the hard way.