BBMP Elections are here

At last the goverment has decided to conduct the elections. Its going to happen mar 28, 2010l. Local elections are very important for the city. There are many events scheduled to help citizens make an informed choice. Here are some

  1. Suvarna Bengaluru Pranalike:
    On Friday, 19 March @ Town Hall, JC Road (near corporation). The event will start at 6pm and three major parties are represented. Here is the copy of the nvitation
  2. TweetUP: I am with the help of other friends, organizing a tweetup on saturday.
    4pm to 7pm, @Matteo cafe, church street,

  3. KYC: Citizen matters with Resident association is organizing Know your Candidate event
    On saturday, JPNagar
    On Sunday , BTM
    Check the invite for details

BTW I am interested in knowing

2 Responses

  1. sunil says:

    Lets Organize a neighbourhood door-to-door drive for BBMP Election 2010.

    Janaagraha’s Jaagte Raho! campaign has teamed up with CommonFloor to ensure all residents of Bangalore go out and vote for these all important elections, which will affect our quality of lives on a day-to-day basis!

  2. Vote is the primary right of everyone ,so never fail to giv your vote.