Meeting Woz

I didn't expect it to happen. It was a very happy surprise. Today is one of the most unforgettable days in my life. I am much bigger fan of him now.

I asked him. He agreed. I was very happy.

I asked him. He agreed. I was very happy.

I knew he was in Bangalore. I knew he was here for a private secretive conference. But he was not really secretive about it on Facebook:). I knew it was almost impossible to meet him. Also I didn't want to disturb him in any way.

Woz sharing his ideas.

Woz sharing his ideas.

I just wanted to leave a fan letter at hotel reception. But like any other hotel they denied he was there. Reception refused to pass on my letter. I literally had to wait there for an hour or more. At last they accepted it. The last line in my fan letter was "let me know if you have time. I would really like to meet you.". I was just trying my luck.Like anybody I couldn't wait, so I sent him a mail inquiring about my letter. He replied very promptly that he got it and offered to meet me. It was the OMG moment. I was so happy and high that I couldn't sleep properly.

Autographed card.

Autographed card.

Today I was there at the reception waiting for him. I actually wanted to shout at reception "I told you" but didn't. He came down exactly on time. There were two more fans just like me. So he took as aside to give more time to us as people from conference were trying to grab him. We found a table at café. Did some causal chit-chat, took auto graphs and pictures.

Then a big group found us :( but he spoke casually. He spoke about future of computers and other related stuff. Also answered all our questions. I should have recorded the whole stuff. But I was so involved that I forgot. I captured only last four minutes.

He was very approachable. He was very nice to all. He had child like enthusiasm about almost everything. And above all he likes his fans. No wonder everybody likes him.

Note: A detailed blog post was carried by Bangalore Mirror today. Dec/12/2011

12 Responses

  1. S Anand says:


    I’m speechless. I guess I should boast that I’ve met a guy who’s met Woz :-)

  2. Prasoon says:

    Wow. So so awesome!

  3. Ms. Jen says:


    Good on you for having the cajones to go and take the risk to set up a meeting. You rock.


  4. Manoj N V says:

    WOW!!! Congratulations. He’s one person I admire most!

  5. Jerry M says:

    WOW.. awesome … you have no idea how much i envy this …
    Good going …

  6. This is fantastic Tejesh. I have been following your post and writeups since some time and I am really happy that you managed to meet Steve! Just shows how good the people really are. :)

  7. hari says:

    I am so jealous!

  8. Abhinay says:


    Read about this in Bangalore mirror today and you gifted him HMT janata watch.Can you please let me know the place you bough this in bangalore.