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Be Nice

Be Nice to everyone is the first thing I say to every team member I have worked with, professionally or personally, so much so that it is part of the code of conduct at DataMeet and other places. But as I meet more folks, I see that people think being nice is a weakness and...

Self-hosted, Always Connect IRC client on Synology

One big problem is that the IRC communities that I follow are primarily async, are in different timezones, And if you are not online, you will miss the chats. So to solve your desktop machine needs to be online Or you need to use a hosted chat client service that is always connected.

I use a service called The Lounge. It’s a web application that you install on any server (usually a cloud server). It does the same thing, but it is under your control. It’s FOSS software. In my case, I have installed it on my local NAS – Synology.