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I will be at Nokia Open Labs workshop – Helsinki 6

I will be at Nokia Open Labs workshop – Helsinki

Now that I have got the official name of the workshop let me write about it in detail. I will be attending the inaugural “Open Lab” Workshop at Helsinki. Thanks to Nokia and WomWorld for the invitation and sponsorship. There will be 35 people from all around the world with different backgrounds attending...

Nokia e61i – As a Blogger’s Phone 5

Nokia e61i – As a Blogger’s Phone

I was thinking about e61i from long time but was still not ready to let go my k750i. Prices at Dubai forced me to buy one.  After using for almost four months I am writing this review. Screen, General Look n feel: It looks like any other business phone. But it is lighter...

Colours from the market 4

Colours from the market

Captured few pictures at Ooty market using my mobile (k750I). I was amazed by their colours . This time I used macro mode feature of the camera. It works.

Deciding your mobile plan 2

Deciding your mobile plan

Every month you get your mobile bill you cross your limit. You always think this plan is not working because I am spending more on SMS and less on STD calls. Or other way. Well now there there is Bill buddy who can help you in deciding your mobile plan. Just upload your...