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Openid problem with delegation 2

Openid problem with delegation

I have openid from myopenid.com . The open id url is thejeshgn.myopenid.com. I use delegation and use thejeshgn.com as the open id url. But something going wrong today. I am not able to login to few of my regular services like http://www.dopplr.com/openid http://ma.gnolia.com/signin http://jyte.com/auth/login But I am able to login to some other...

How to store passwords 0

How to store passwords

Chris talks about storing the passwords. He introduces to online password service called passpack. The passpack service is free. It uses AES encryption algorithm to store your passwords on their server.It has many other features like anti phishing etc.If you want to store your passwords online then this could be a good place.Follow...

How to choose passwords 2

How to choose passwords

Nowadays people are more online than ever before. Internet is as important as your mobile phone today. We are the “connected humans” of the 21st century. One of the basic aspects of being online is the ‘username’ & ‘password’ funda. This aspect has been around almost as long as computers themselves. So I...