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RTPM – Real Time Productivity Monitor 3

RTPM – Real Time Productivity Monitor

RTPMTM – Real Time Productivity MonitorPP is productivity monitoring tool which runs on your resources computer to monitor the productivity. It helps your resources to see their RTPITM Real Time Productivity IndexPP so that they can increase their productivity index.It keeps track of the productive work and helps you in estimating cost, average...

oAuth Explained With An Example 5

oAuth Explained With An Example

The problem with using more and more social networks is with every social network you join you need to create profile then invite friends. There is no way to carry your data from one network to another network with out a hitch. Few smart people have already started working on this issue of...

What is open id? 1

What is open id?

Here is very good presentation by Simon about OpenId. It explains everything about OpenId a common user should know. Its big but very simple and direct. This post is from On/Off Tips which is a member blog of TechMag Blog Group. All rights are reserved.

How to erase sensitive files or delete files permanently 0

How to erase sensitive files or delete files permanently

If you want to delete files permanently from your computer. What do you do ? Do you use shift + del? Well shift delete does not erase the file from your hard disk. It just removes the file from file table hence your OS can’t find it. But the data is still there...

Openid problem with delegation 2

Openid problem with delegation

I have openid from myopenid.com . The open id url is thejeshgn.myopenid.com. I use delegation and use thejeshgn.com as the open id url. But something going wrong today. I am not able to login to few of my regular services like http://www.dopplr.com/openid http://ma.gnolia.com/signin http://jyte.com/auth/login But I am able to login to some other...