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More Pictures From Sikkim Trip 2

More Pictures From Sikkim Trip

Kid Hosted on Zooomr Kids Hosted on Zooomr Cricket Hosted on Zooomr This story is a part of my travel stories from North East India called storiesfromnortheastindia. The places covered are Kolkatta, Darjeeling, Gangtok and many other in Sikkim.

Do you need something? 3

Do you need something?

This was shot in Ghoom (Sikkim, India) using my mobile phone (k750i).There was no time to take out my regular camera. But as usual my mob does a great job.

Babaji bless all our soldiers 1

Babaji bless all our soldiers

What saves a soldier in this cold? Is it the Old Monk, photos, magazines or GOD? Its the faith that they have in super power. Baba mandir is one such place where both civilians and service personnel arrive for faith. Baba Mandir is at 13000 ft on the way to Nathula pass. The...

Changu Lake 0

Changu Lake

We visited changu lake on the way to pass. This was a paid jeep drive to Changu, Babamandir and pass.The changu lake was almost frozen. It was in the state of semi solid. We spent some time there taking the pictures. Here is one picture taken using my mobile. This story is a...