What does a bike (motor cycle) mean to a Guy?


I don’t know what others think but my definite answer would be Freedom. That is what a bike offers. Freedom to go anywhere, anytime at you will. The dream gals associate with wings, guys associate with bike. Its next best thing to flying (actually flying an airplane). It’s his next best friend (I am single). All you need is a ride to make your mind clear whenever you are full. What a refreshing ride it would be if you have an Ipod to play the songs you wish. Music, bike and solitude can anything beat that. Think of an evening riding the bike on the sea shore or through the beautiful country side.

I haven’t heard of any guy who hasn’t dreamt about his future bike. Bike is something which every guy is very much possessive about (I don’t know about GF’s. Since I still single). I have seen people who don’t even allow friends to ride it. Bike is something very personal to you.