Top ten ways to force your brilliant developer to quit

You have very brilliant developer under you.Now he looks like over taking you.Here are some points which can be used to make him quit. You will be safe after that

1. Give unachievable theoretical targets
2. Very tight schedule where he can not meet the deadlines with out working 16hrs/day
3. Shift him to the technology which he hardly knows
4. Give him lots of documentation than coding
5. Ask him to do quality (CMM,ISO) related work than coding
6. Do not give the freedom to design the application
7. Don't give him internet access or spy on him to see what is he doing on net
8. Never buy him lunch or dinner when he stays late
9. Don't remember him after the delivery(when you start getting appreciation mails)
10. Don't allow him to use his favorite tool. Force your tools on him.