Yahoo! Our City for Bangalore and Delhi

Yahoo India opens mashup sites for Bangalore and Delhi. The sites are called Yahoo Our City Bangalore or Delhi. They are still in beta state and I should say our city team has done a great job. According to them the site

Yahoo! Our City provides a very interesting, rich and dynamically updated perspective of our city as seen and experienced by us all. You can use Our City to
Explore photos, videos, events, news, weather, blogs and a lot more Share events, photos, videos, trip plans and blogs with others

The site has photos, videos, events, news, weather, blogs, kannada modules. Each module is mashup of yahoo service. For example the events module picks up the events from And also in each of the module they have listed hand picked blogs/websites. Which means there are human beings working behind it.

The news module picks up the news from the web related to Bangalore and also lists the main papers of bangalore. Sadly though they have not listed any kannada papers like Vijaya Karnataka which is the highest selling daily in Bangalore. I wish they will read this and add it to the local dailies.

The module Kannada World is built nicely. Thanks to the team. Here they have the news from MSN or Yahoo Kannada portals. Listing of Kannada podcasts and blogs are good.


Blogs module is kind of Interesting. Under the it there are three tabs, The first one is 'All' lists all the recent blog entries. I think they are taken from technorati.The second one is 'Bangalore Live Journal community' and third is Metblogs. And on the right side there is column of bookmarks taken from delicious which have been tagged as bangalore+blogs

Weather modules pull the weather details from yahoo weather. Also it has related book marks and photos. Another addition is the addition of Yahoo answers where you can find the answers for Bangalore weather related questions.

Over all it a good site from Yahoo team. I hope it will come out of beta very soon. The Yahoo our city team has 360 page where you can give them feedback. Or you can email them your comments at at