WAP enable your blog in 5 minutes

boing_wink Blogs can be read using RSS readers. But most of the RSS readers on mobile phones (Java based) are bad and slow. Most of RSS feeds are for desktop clients and are not suitable (they are big) for mobile phones.The best way to provide your content to mobile reader is through winksite

To make your feed mobile feed
http://winksite.com/mobilize.cfm?feed=[FEED URL]

For techmag this could be

Blogs like boingboing and metblogs use winksite to provide the content to their mobile users.Going one step ahead you can provide much better WAP experience to your reader by creating a mobile site at winksite.Check the boingboing winksite below


Where you can provide chat service, forum service and other useful pages. You can see the boingboing WAP site in the image.
Get more details here. Once you develop your winksite try OperaMini simulator to see how it looks on opera mini.