Online software developement environment

Create Workspace is a online development environment that facilitates the complete management of your Web-based projects. With a syntax highlighting editor built right in, it provides the ability to edit text, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Perl, SQL and other types of files directly on a remote server. Finding and managing those files is made easy with a cutting-edge file management utility embedded right in the app. With this utility, users can connect to, and manage the files on an arbitrary number of ftp sites

Workspace is complete online IDE. It gives you all functionalities to work on a web based project from with in a browser. It can connect to multiple online FTP servers. And you can edit those php files with out downloading to your local machine. This will also allow you to browse those FTP servers from behind firewall. The main features include

  • Connect to multiple ftp servers simultaneously
  • Always connected to your space on our servers
  • Create, rename, and delete files and folders
  • Upload and download files
  • Download archived folders
  • Cut/copy and paste files and folders

If you don't have an FTP server of your own. Don't worry every account gets some free space to work on. So go create a workspace.