Track timezones using Fox Clocks

One of the most difficult job for the offshore worker is to keep track of timezone. If you are working with teams across multiple time zones then suggesting the best time for all your team is pretty difficult task. In my case I always forget the time differences between the countries. Running multiple clocks on your machine could be an answer to it. Now running multiple clocks on the status bar of your browser is much better. Download the Fox Clocks a firefox addon which enables your browser with this capability.

FoxClocks lets you keep an eye on the time around the world - or just your local time - by putting small clocks in your statusbar. Choose from a set of useful time formats or create your own - custom formats are easy to create and very flexible.

I hope you are using Firefox. If you are not then download it at you are interested in Google toolbar too, then try the link on the right bar to download.