Games for your mobile

There are thousands of sites on Google search result for "Mobile Games". I am a major mobile phone user. I read blogs, check emails, IM on my mobile. If not on internet I will try to play some games on my mobile. SE K750i comes with only two games by default. I was searching for some game site where I could download games for free or at few dollars. One of my friends suggested GameJump. It is very decent site. It gives you advertisement supported games for free. And also some basic applications like calendar etc. Until now my experience with the Game Jump has been good. The games will show advertisement before the start of the game and at the end of the game. Which you can tolerate.

The cheapest way is to download the games to your computer. And then transfer it to mobile by some means. Other way is download directly on to the phone using wap site.

Let me know if you any other site which gives you better mobile games or Apps(j2me).