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Welcome to Vinay – Our new Writer

We have Vinay as our new poster (writer) on OOT. I am very happy that Vinay has agreed to write for OOT. He can write on anything related to technology. Starting from simple things to very complicated stuff which we struggle to get. Surprisingly Vinay has not maintained any blog for himself until now. But he was kind enough to agree as soon as I asked him to write for OOT.

Expect a lot on security, Windows Vista and related stuff from him. Welcome aboard Vinay.

Thejesh GN

3 Responses

  1. Vinay.V says:

    Thanx dude… for such a warm welcome :D
    Its true that I never had a blog… but thatz gonna change anyways now with OOT ;)

    Happy blogging…
    – Vinay.V

  2. Thejesh GN says:


  3. Bodes says:

    All the best viny…

    V expect more techy tips u frm dude.