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IM from your mobile

There are many J2ME clients to do IM from your mobile. But my gprs conection allows only WAP sites to be browsed. That makes ebuddy's new wap IM client very interesting ( Yes. meebo doesn't have WAP version).

You can use eBuddy to chat with your friends using a Mobile Phone, PDA, Sony PSP or Nintendo DS.Enter the following URL in the internet browser of your mobile phone:

Presently ebuddy supports only MSN, AIM and Yahoo. The support for Jabber ( or Gtalk) is not there. I am expecting that very soon. That will make it a lot more cool.

2 Responses

  1. Gijs says:

    Did you try out their new Beta yet?

  2. Thejesh GN says:

    Not yet. I am registering now. I will try their web client.