CircleUP: Ask team for suggestion and get collated answer

Every time you ask a question to your team, collating their answers is a big problem. The usual way to collect the suggestion from a team is to share the excel sheet on LAN and ask them to enter their choice. But this will not work when the team is across the internet. Or if your teams are separated by firewall. Now we have an online application to do the boring collating work for you. Its called CircleUP

What is CircleUp?
It’s a simple, FREE and easy way to ask questions of any community you belong to and get back a single organized result to use and share instead of a blizzard of emails and instant messages.
With CircleUp you can avoid:

  • Searching through your inbox to find replies from everyone who responded
  • Tracking who replied and who didn't
  • Getting replies to your question sent in different formats
  • Having to cut and paste answers into a Word document or Excel spreadsheet to aggregate them
  • Getting replies that don’t actually answer your question
  • Annoying "reply to all" messages that disrupt the group and clutter your inbox
  • Fumbling through your mailbox archives to find old information
  • Not being able to share answers with the group or save them for the future

Circleup works with your outlook client or IM or any email provider. None other than you (who is asking the question) needs an account registered at CircleUP. And the answers can be seen only by you.