Weekend Drive to Shivagange or Shivaganga

Shivaganga gets its name from Shiva and gange ( the water found here is supposed to be holy Ganga from Kashi). The temple is on the top of the the hill (rock). A statue of Nandi also can be found on the top.The place is always crowded by devotees of the temple.

Shivagange is 8+Kms from Dabas Pet on the way to Tumkur from Bangalore on NH 4. The distance from Bangalore is about 70KMS. Its about an hours drive in the morning. The drive is good on NH4 ( you can reach 120 with in no time).


Its a nice trek/climb to the top of the hill. Its tiring to the people who are not used to it. But the view from the top of the hill is amazing and enough to forget all your tiredness.


The place is good for both young and old. It can be a good one day picnic sopt with some trekking. Check the photos below mainly taken using my Sony Ericcson K750i mobile. It shows how beautiful is the view from top.


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