Ubuntu Based Media Center – Mythbuntu

There seems to be a series of Ubuntu based Linux distros coming out. The new one being Mythbuntu. Mythbuntu is for home user who wants use his comp as media center. The alpha release is out. You can download the live CD iso at their site.

Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative focused upon setting up a standalone MythTV system similar to Knoppmyth or Mythdora. At the time, it is not a Canonical sanctioned project because of the licensing on several of the MythTV dependencies. Mainly, it can be seen as a preconfigured Ubuntu install for mythtv usage. All unnecessary applications such as OpenOffice, Evolution, and a full Gnome desktop are not installed for a Mythbuntu installation. At any time, a user may choose to install ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, or xubuntu-desktop and add a full desktop onto their installation.

Mythbuntu | Hat Tip: Linux and Open Source