How to get category or label wise RSS in New Blogger

I wanted to subscribe to category (called label in blogger) of my friends blog. Even the blog admins do not know how to get those RSS feeds. Hence I did some digging to find it out
To get the RSS posts that belong to the label "Bangalore" you need to use the url

**Do not miss /-/ part in the url.
There are many other parameters which you can pass to filter the posts. I have listed few more information is here.

  • alt - the type of feed to return, such as atom (the default) or rss.
  • orderby - the order to return entries, such as lastmodified (the default) and starttime.
  • max-results - the maximum number of entries to return.
  • /category - specifies categories (i.e. labels) to filter the feed results. For example, will return entries labeled with Fritz AND Laurie.
  • updated-min, updated-max - the bounds on entry update dates.
  • published-min, published-max - the bounds on entry publication dates.
  • start-index - 1-based index of the first result to be retrieved (for paging).