Pibb for your communication

Pibb is a great way to communicate online, it brings together the familiarity of forums, power of blogs, flexibility of email and convenience of instant messaging in one browser window. All messages are delivered in real time, then archived automatically for later search/viewing. This feature set makes Pibb ideal as a communication back-channel for conferences, for use as a support tool, or for community based private/public discussions

I have been using Pibb last two days. Even though Pibb has not picked up in terms number of users. It has the capability and features. It could be a great support tool. It can be used to support your open source software or service. Or it can be used to give one to one suggestions. If not anything it could be used as online meeting too. It has the search and save functionality.

More over it is Open Id enabled. Which means if you have a wordpress.com or AOL or livejournal.com url. Then you can just login and start communicating. It has Pibb me functionality for one to one communication.