Keeping in touch

I was so impressed by this story of keeping in touch titled 3191 miles apart. I wanted to do something like that. Now I am happy to announce

3191 is a joint photography project.we live 3191 miles apart as the car drives, not as the crow flies. we take our photographs in the morning and do not discuss them beforehand.we photograph M-F but don't necessarily post every day.

Officially I started one such project with my friend Sindhu. We know each other only through blogs.She goes to college during the day and is on firefox during the night. She is from Mangalore where once I lived for about an year. We haven't set any rules. Just a basic rule that every photo blog entry will have two pics. I have K750i and she owns 6600.Catch us on her blog.
First two days where fun.
Day 2:
Day 1:

4 Responses

  1. sindhu says:

    wonderful love the lime n lemony colors! :D i need to use some sort of color enhancement on mine.

    where was the pic of those glasses taken?

  2. thejeshgn says:

    At B11 – pub in Jayanagar

  3. Vinay.V says:

    Dude… I liked this Idea. Very unique, very interesting :D
    Dunno why… but it reminded me of Jackie Chan’s ‘Gorgeous’.

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